December 2019

2019 being a year of  Nourishment and Inspiration!

The first day of this month, my husband and I drove our daughter Riley back to finish her first semester of college at Carlow University in Pittsburgh. This past year has been one of big milestones. Our youngest graduating from high school and community college, and go on to her first year at university. She is also the first student to live in the dorms and go to school there full time in a wheelchair.
We were also able to visit beloved family in Australia. Having people you love live so far away is hard but when they live in a place as fabulous as Queensland, it is truly a win win to visit them there!

We also we’re blessed with a new family member in the form of Mackenzie the Brave who we were told during my daughter in laws pregnancy that he had a heart condition and there would likely need to be interventions and treatment for this condition. However, we continue to be blessed by the good health with no discernible heart issue for this jolly, roly poly round headed bundle of sweetness.

This year also saw my dear friend, mentor and Boss Jim Donovan almost losing his life after a routine surgery, another dear friend deal with cancer, yet another dearest one deal with her daughter in a coma facing a rare condition and all of these beings grounding in their faith and the support from their respective communities.
The measure of a year. The measure of a day.

There are so many ebbs and flows to life and we are truly meant to be here for one another in all of these times.
As I reach 53 times around the sun, it is more and more the small things that really enrich my life,

The hours spent with family playing our new favorite game, “The Awkward Storyteller.”

Having Riley’s friends over and hearing them laugh for hours.

Having dance parties with my grandchildren. Having dance parties with my friends!

Seeing a survivor smile in Extended Warrior and claim her space in her own body.

Having a lovely conversation and meeting a new friend in the checkout line in Michaels.

Making soup.

Knitting a sweater.

The comfortable silence in my home.

Sharing tea.

The words I picked, or they picked me for 2019 were Nourishment and Inspiration. So, I invite you to join me for practices and opportunities for Both!! I recently did a training intensive for a specific practice called Meditation in Motion which Imhave found time be even more nourishing than Yoga Nidra. I am offering this monthly through the winter and am super excited to introduce this lovely practice.

Hope to see you and I send wishes for you and yours to have the peace that passes all understanding this holiday season.

I am grateful beyond measure to be connected to so many beautiful people that I get to be in space with in yoga classes, Reiki sessions and trainings, workshops and retreats.

In case you missed this last month, Here are two offerings for you!

1. A link to an embedded pdf on my web site for exploring the 8 Limbs of yoga. This is a framework for life on and off the mat. I will always be a student seeking to enrich and deepen my own awareness and sharing that in ways that make sense through classes, etc. Here it is here. Otherwise, access via

.Download Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga: A Framework for Yoga On and Off the Mat

2. Also, here is a video from a performance of an original composition entitled “The Unarmed Child” earlier in October. My little chant (that is on my second CD) was arranged for choral by my dear friend Tim Coles and performed at a Concert for Peace featuring Pittsburgh composers a few years back, one of the highlights of my musical life! This little piece has traveled to Washington DC and Seattle Washington and landed at this Concert for Peace with an additional orchestral arrangement!! The absolute joy this brought me was that my piece bookended the performance with the chorus and orchestra playing it prior to the Unarmed Child and the audience was invited to join in on the piece at the very end of the event. The concert benefitted a foundation started by one of the SandyHook families and was about promoting peace and non violence.

Join me this month in many lovely opportunities to go deep with nourishment and inspiration.

501 Cypress in Moxham. YogaSong Home Studio Offerings! 

 Saturday All Levels Yoga! 9:00 or 10:30!  November 2,

Saturday 9:00 or 10:30 am December 7, 14, 21, 28  join Rachel in a blended practice that combines yoga philosophy with breathwork, asana, sound, mantra, and live music for meditation. Please RSVP as to which class you prefer. 9:00 or 10:30 pm. Contribution based. Payment options include: $30.00/month, $10.00/class or offer what you can. We will explore expanding and opening our mind, heart and our bodies!

Meditation in Motion: A Practice of Nourishment and a Restoration  6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Join Rachel in this Kripalu Yoga organic meditation in motion practice. We begin with breath and gentle movement, setting up space and intention for the meditation in motion and end in silent meditation supported by blankets and bolsters. RSVP must.  Space limited to 5 participants $10.00  suggested contribution.

Solstice Meditation with Mantra and Quartz Crystal Bowls, Friday, December 20, 6:30-8:00 pm   Celebrate the Longest Night with mantra, gentle movement and meditation with the Quartz Crystal bowlsRSVP. Suggested contribution $15.00.

Sacred Activism: Self Care for Sustainability Monday, December 30th 6:30-8:00 pm Bring a journal to write and dress comfortably. We will explore practices to support those working for the well being of the planet and all its peoples.  Suggested contribution $10.00

I have been offering various trainings on Stress Management/ Resilience Building/Compassion Fatigue to various organizations. Let me know if I can serve your organization! I also have a 3 Day Trauma Sensitive Yoga Training and a day long Mindfulness and Movement for Clinicians. Please feel free to send any inquiries my way!

All classes above held in home studio @ 501 Cypress. Street parking available. Additional parking at Grove Ave UMC Church. Come right in door on small porch by fenced in yard! Take your shoes off and make yourself at home!

Private yoga sessions and Reiki sessions are made by appointment. I also offer synchronized healing sessions which include Reiki, movement/yoga, intuitive work and sound healing through Quartz Crystal bowls, mantra practice and an intuitive reading. A Reiki session is $50.00. For Synchronized Healing We can create the session that best supports your needs. Synchronized Healing sessions last about 90 minutes.  I typically charge $100.00 for one of these sessions but will work on a sliding scale if that better suits your needs.

Community Offerings!

Divas of December! Friday, Dec 13th 7:00-10:30 pm at VOMA. Tickets through EventBrite. I am part of an all female Musician line up and proceeds benefit the Stork Fund which provides financial support to those seeking treatment for infertility and/or adoption costs.

Iron to Arts Corridor Concert Series! Saturday, December 28th 7:00 pm. My son John and I are proud to open up for the enormously talented Tim Wetmiller on violin and John Bagnato on guitar. This is sure to sell out so please get your tickets today!

 Bottle Works Yoga in funky, creative historic Cambria City!

Tuesday, December 3, 10, and 17  @ 10:00 am. $30/session or $10/drop in, This is a gentle class and can accommodate a range of abilities. 

Come for class! BottleWorks Arts on Third always has something creative and exciting happening!  Stay and shop the gallery store or linger and explore the current exhibit or other classes happening!


“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” Cornel West