May 2018 

Slowing down to pay attention to what is Emerging!


Spring is emerging! This time of year always seems to be a space of emergence and transition. The school year winds to an end, gardens are being prepped (kale and spinach already planted!), the light is longer and brighter, music festivals, picnics and more time out in nature! I enjoy greeting my neighbors and seeing kids playing everywhere as I walk my dogs.

Something is being birthed in me and I know not yet what it is so I need to allow this to unfold.

There is a lovely desire to witness emergence that is present for me. This past year of traveling to Guinea, West Africa, Puerto Rico, of practicing Sanctuary and Radical Hospitality in our home, of continuing to study and explore individual and collective liberation with many organizations and in my community, there is a sense for me that I need to create space to let these experiences settle and allow the effects of them to emerge.

I am still unpacking the miraculous week in December that saw both the arrival of my first grandson and the transition of my dear friend and spiritual mentor who so joyfully and beautifully surrendered to God. Sitting and watching both beings breathe in their place in the life cycle was such an enormous privilege and honor and it brings me to my knees to contemplate the honor and the blessings that I am continuing to receive.

So, I am spending lots of time and space writing, moving, processing and allowing.

I am generally someone who plans and fills space and I have a friend that calls this, “Blocking God.” Lol.

So this month, I am creating space by not filling my calendar. I will offer my regular yoga classes and put the music, Sacred Activism and other gatherings on hold for now.

In addition, Owen and I will be doing monthly, instead of weekly podcasts with 814 Grounded Pod. (You can access this via my website, Soundcloud, ITunes and Google Play).

There are more opportunities opening up for me to travel and teach and I want to be clear about where and how I want to invest my energy. In the 8-9 classes I teach weekly, 5-6 of them are with community partners in settings where I am increasingly aware that wellness practices are not available to most people because of economics, transportation, ability, trauma, and the list goes on including how the yoga industry markets and commodifies itself.

I am also sitting with the work I have engaged in this year with Rev angel kyodo Williams, Liberatory Leadership Project, White Awake, Yoga Service Council, Off the Mat and Into the World, and Yoga and Body Image Coalition. I want to be able to bring some of this into my community and don’t know yet what that looks like either!

So, here I am at 51, building my capacity for uncertainty and the discomfort of injustice. Building my capacity to be sustainable in the work my heart calls me to. To show up in places of great suffering and share practice and recognize shared humanity. To work for my individual liberation and for the collective liberation of al beings.

My intention is to ground myself deeper in love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, fierce kindness, tenderness and joy and extend that whenever and wherever I am called.

I am always so grateful to the people that show up to the home studio, our humble space in Moxham. I am blessed that the contribution based practice and location have supported the ability of people to participate.

I am grateful for the vibrant space of the Bottle Works/ Arts Works campus that is welcoming, creative and also houses the ongoing weekly Trauma Sensitive Yoga Class for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

I am deeply grateful to all the community partners that support me being able to offer practice and reflect the inherent worth, dignity and value of all beings to many who are suffering because they have lost or forgotten this.

I am always and I hope I show it, grateful for the love and support of my family. It is in our most intimate relationships that all aspects of ourselves are reflected back to us and this is often where I do most of my uncomfortable learning and growing. This is a blessing!

May all Beings be well in their minds and bodies.

May all Beings live free and safe from harm.

May all Beings have peace.

May all of our thoughts, words and actions contribute to the wellness, freedom, safety and peace of all life.

So. Be. It..

501 Cypress in Moxham. YogaSong Home Studio Offerings! 

Love. Truth. Abundance. Harmony. Freedom Saturday All Levels Yoga! 9:00 or 10:30!  May 5, 12, 19, 26 join Rachel in a blended practice that combines yoga philosophy with breathwork, asana, sound, mantra, and live music for meditation. Please RSVP as to which class you prefer. Contribution based. Payment options include: $30.00/month, $10.00/class or offer what you can. We will explore tending to balance through the ebbs and flows of life.

!Friday Morning Dance Party! Friday, May 18, 7:30 am-8:30 am. Join our Conscious Dance community as we explore non choreographed movement for self expression and community building! $10.00 suggested contribution. All contributions welcomed! RSVP!

 All classes above held in home studio @ 501 Cypress. Street parking available. Additional parking at Grove Ave UMC Church. Come right in door on small porch by fenced in yard! Take your shoes off and make yourself at home!

Private yoga sessions and Reiki sessions are made by appointment. I also offer synchronized healing sessions which include Reiki, movement/yoga and sound healing through Quartz Crystal bowls and mantra practice. We can create the session that best supports your needs.

Community Event! Unity Coalition of the Southern Alleghenies is partnering with the Bottle Works Ethnic Arts Center for the Second Annual Multi Cultural International Food Festival! Please call 814/535-2020 to reserve your spot! Or visit

 ArtWorks Yoga in funky, creative historic Cambria City!

Tuesday, May 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 @ 10:00 am. $30/session or $10/drop in, This is a gentle class and can accommodate a range of abilities. 

Come for class! BottleWorks Arts on Third always has something creative and exciting happening!  Stay and shop the gallery store or linger and explore the current exhibit or other classes happening!

Checking in! Who is interested in exploring Body Image? Let me know!


“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” Cornel West