During the coronavirus crisis, Rachel's regularly-scheduled classes are held virtually over Zoom. The logins for all classes are on this password-protected page -- email Rachel for the password.



How are you doing with this new normal? Please check in if I haven’t heard from you.
We don’t know how this will land, when we will be on the other side or what landing on the other side of this will look like in our lives, let alone the bigger picture.

The reality of this can be overwhelming. I have responded to overwhelm in various ways. One way, is to create lists of tasks, of things I can actually do and execute those tasks. Another way is to withdraw, sleep, and allow myself to grieve the heartbreak of loss  of life from the pandemic, the loss of being with my patients in hospice and of those who die from this virus alone. My heart hurts at the  harsh illumination of  the glaring inequalities in society.  In a matter of a few days, people that were already vulnerable, started falling through the cracks in bucketloads. I witness my own fears  around having access to food and essential resources.

In the midst of all this is also enormous gratitude. I recognize, even with my financial situation ,that I have many privileges, supports and resources. I also witness the enormous mobilization of helping hands across the planet. The new normal also includes practicing collective well being and collective care. We do have an opportunity here to move from a hyper individualized focus to one of connection.

It is ironic perhaps that we do this by social distancing. I like to bring into my mind an image of all the people with sewing machines working tirelessly to support our health care and essential worker superheroes. I witness the extra tenderness of my neighbors when we pass one another on daily walks. Nobody now says, “What’s new?” People instead ask, “Are you well? Is your family okay? Do you need anything?”

My heart has been with healthcare workers, many are dear friends and coworkers.

I will be creating content weekly on my YouTube channel and have created a playlist of meditations, movement practices and music for healthcare workers and also anyone who needs practice. I also have a playlist of healing music I will be adding to weekly. Please visit and subscribe. Please share the playlists with yourself and anyone you know who could use these supports.


We face Easter week regardless of your beliefs with hope in new life. Babies are being born. Spring is arriving.

So, those of you joining on the Zoom classes, see you soon. Consider inviting a few friends, far away family. We are not limited by geography.

The Thursday night 7:00 pm Mindfulness, Movement and Music will resume on April 16th.  Let me know what themes you would like to explore in that experience. As of now, I might offer a practice for Collective Lament one week, Resilience another. Let me know please what you might like to have as a theme.

We will be using the Zoom Videoconference platform. You can create a free account at www.zoom.us

I highly recommend also opening it through an app. That way when you click on the link I have in the respective events, it will automatically open in the app.

I am opening each class about 15 minutes prior so folks that are unfamiliar with the technology can come on and access their mic and camera and get acquainted with the platform. I cannot offer tech support while I am teaching.

I, like many others have lost most of my income so I am fully committed to offering three tiers for participation.

One is free. Please, please, please use this without explanation or apology if you face economic challenges and need this support.

One is paying the suggested contribution of $10.00 and yet another is a pay it forward option of $20.00

PayPal is rachel@yogasong.net

Venmo @Rachel-Allen-240

CashApp $RachelYogaSong

 You can access the links to the classes via my aYogaSong page at https://www.facebook.com/rachelyogasong/

I will be posting them via Messenger to those on FB that respond Going and on the event page an hour prior to the event.
If you are not on Facebook and can not access those links, let me know.
If you have saved the links from previous Zoom sessions, you are good.

Special Offerings:

The Compassion Series:

 The next 3 Wednesdays I will be offering this alongside Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Sylvia DeSantis. We will be sharing tools for self care during these challenging times. Each week Sylvia will teach respectively Reiki self care, Reflexology and Shiatsu self care techniques while I will open and close with a meditation.

Free access with opportunities to pay it forward. Tickets free through Eventbrite.
Zoom link will be sent out via email to all those who registered for event.





“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” Cornel West