I highly recommend these creative spirits, artists, musicians, teachers, friends and healers!


Music for Healing and Transition Program

My educating body and I have also served on the Executive Board of Directors.

Jim Donovan

This man needs no introduction. His belief and support have changed my life and many others!

Bottle Works

Where I have my Johnstown classes!

Yoga Service Council

Making yoga and mindfulness accessible to all.

The Breathe Network 

Holistic supports for the survivors of sexual assault. 

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Information and research on the efficacy of trauma sensitive yoga.

Yoga Body Image Coalition 

Positive imaging around various shapes, sizes and shades of the yoga world.

Off the Mat and Into the World

Educational opportunities linking yoga and social justice.

Accessible Yoga

Trainings and supports bringing yoga to underserved communities and to people with disabilities.