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5 Practices to Open Your Heart

  Yesterday in our Yoga Class Curator Pilgrimage & Puja Community Practice, founder and teacher Susanna Barkataki led us in an inquiry around devotion. She referenced Yoga Sutra 1:39: Meditating on that which is elevating.   She gave us some inquiries for reflective journaling and the focus on meditating on what elevates is...

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Beltaine. Passion, Power & The Celtic Wheel

  Dolores Whelan, teacher of Celtic spiritual and wisdom traditions guides explorations of how ancient wisdom can form and shape values in which a new society can be formed. Joanna Macy, eco-Buddhist and source teacher for the Great Turning applies this as well to her work. Joanna is one of my teachers...

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Truth. Honesty. The Current State of Affairs.

In this time of folx saying whatever they want, does truth matter? is truth a matter of perspective? Is there such a thing as broader, universal truths? What is the relationship between truth and integrity, truth and courage? How do we speak truth to injustice without screaming into the...

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