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9/11/2001, 20 Years Later.

Brilliant fall mornings hold excitement and possibility in the air. The newness of the school year combined with the shift in schedules reorient us in a different direction after the slower pace of summer. Twenty years ago, the crew and passengers of Flights 11. 77, 175 and Flight 93...

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Small Acts of Kindness. Biomimicry and Compassion

Have you ever in your life, suffered in silence, screaming inwardly, the fractured pieces of your life crumbling, barely functioning, but out of fear, guilt and shame you internalized enormous feelings and went about your daily life pretending to be “fine”? Raise your hand please, both of mine are...

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Tenderness and Empowerment: Practices of Renewal and Restoration

  Speak to the¬†hard, numb, raw, vulnerable and painful sensations in your body Witness these with an offering of words lacking the harshness of judgement, usher in the sweet, sweet sounds of fierce kindness, compassion and tenderness. Place your hands carefully and lovingly on your own soft, warm body...

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