During the coronavirus crisis, Rachel's regularly-scheduled classes are held virtually over Zoom. The logins for all classes are on this password-protected page -- email Rachel for the password.

Whole Hearted Living in Chaotic Times #0006

Following the tragedy in Parkland, Florida, we invite you to continue our practice of widening the circumference of love. We live in challenging times and hope that today’s mediation and spoken word brings comfort and enlightenment. Even when tragedy and evil strike, we must be conscious to not perpetuate...

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Widening Our Circumference of Love- #0004

This episode we will share a Loving Kindness Mediation. We would like to invite you to expand the sphere of who we love and be uncompromising in bringing justice to all. Rachel also performs two new original chants!  

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Intentions- #0002

Welcome to episode #0002 of the 814 Grounded Pod. Today we offer a guided writing practice to explore intentions to prepare for this new year. We want to focus to go “Out with the old and in with the new.” During this episode we ask for you to write...

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Introduction- Three Point Practice- #0001

This is the Pilot episode of 814 Grounded Podcast. We hope to offer practices for activists and those who facilitate practices of healing and restoration some tools for these trying times. Each podcast will have discussion on a theme relevant to social justice and healing and will offer a...

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