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MLK Day – Non-Violence & Yoga

Love Love is gravity, the primordial force of bonding that drives the ongoing  creation of the universe. Our liberation is bound together by natural and spiritual truths. Today, on the day acknowledged as a national holiday celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, the world is imploding with violence. The unhealed collective […]

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Sankalpa: Intentions & The New Year

Sankalpa- Connecting to the Deepest Desire of Your Heart   My Realization of the Power of Intention Ten years ago I had the job I believed I would do for the rest of my life. I worked in a healthcare system as a Certified Music Practitioner, Registered Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. I provided direct […]

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Letting Go -Aparagraha- A Practice for Autumn

Letting Go -Aparagraha- A Practice for Autumn

Letting Go – Aparagraha – A Practice for Autumn.   Often, I find myself carrying constriction/tightness/tension in my body for no apparent reason. It could be the mid to high level of anxiety that is normalized in our culture. It could be (perceived) unmet needs around belonging, connection, and feeling unsafe in a world increasingly […]

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Collective Wellness: Devotions for These Times

The roof of my mouth is sore. My nostrils and eyes both burn and there is a slight ache in my throat. The wildfires that continue to burn in Canada have impacted the air quality as far west as Colorado and Montana. Air quality in the Midwest and Mid Atlantic states is expected to be […]

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5 Practices to Open Your Heart

  Yesterday in our Yoga Class Curator Pilgrimage & Puja Community Practice, founder and teacher Susanna Barkataki led us in an inquiry around devotion. She referenced Yoga Sutra 1:39: Meditating on that which is elevating.   She gave us some inquiries for reflective journaling and the focus on meditating on what elevates is still unfolding within me. I am […]

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What is this thing called Presence? What comes to mind when you think of Presence? How do you know if you are experiencing Presence? It is a word heard often from many wellness professionals. We are often informed that “being present” is a desired state in this world of overstimulation. Mark Nepo in The Book […]

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Beltaine. Passion, Power & The Celtic Wheel

  Dolores Whelan, teacher of Celtic spiritual and wisdom traditions guides explorations of how ancient wisdom can form and shape values in which a new society can be formed. Joanna Macy, eco-Buddhist and source teacher for the Great Turning applies this as well to her work. Joanna is one of my teachers and these teachings, across Cosmologies resonate […]

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