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5 Practices to Open Your Heart

  Yesterday in our Yoga Class Curator Pilgrimage & Puja Community Practice, founder and teacher Susanna Barkataki led us in an inquiry around devotion. She referenced Yoga Sutra 1:39: Meditating on that which is elevating.   She gave us some inquiries for reflective journaling and the focus on meditating on what elevates is still unfolding within me. I am […]

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Ahimsa & Satya.  Fierce Tenderness

Ahimsa & Satya. Fierce Tenderness

  Cancel culture cloaked in self righteousness is easy to access. It is this reactive, defensive mode that is readily available to most of us (including me for full transparency). Fortunately, yoga philosophy gives us a framework to navigate, regulate and show up grounded, resolute, open minded, open hearted and willing to learn and grow. […]

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Truth. Honesty. The Current State of Affairs.

In this time of folx saying whatever they want, does truth matter? is truth a matter of perspective? Is there such a thing as broader, universal truths? What is the relationship between truth and integrity, truth and courage? How do we speak truth to injustice without screaming into the void and creating more chaos? How […]

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