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Embodied Prayers for Peace in the World

Embodied Prayers for Peace in the World

Embodied Prayers for Peace in the World


Greed can and may destroy this planet.

It is the greatest weapon of mass destruction humans employ.

It devastates the Earth and destroys the life of the soul.

Like many people across our planet, my heart hurts when war machines rumble, tyrants revel in domination and extraction, intimidation and murder in Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, and many other places and now, the Ukraine.

My eyes are not on Wall Street.

My heart is not there either.

I ache for those displaced by occupation, for the cries of babes without security and predictability, for mothers holding children close to their bodies as tanks rumble through streets, for young people despairing over their possibilities for their future, for the elders hearing bombs and gunfire as the last sounds to mark the ending of life.

People always matter over profit/oil/land.

The most vulnerable among us are always the ones to bear the greatest cost of war, of the greed of oligarchs and the shrill voices pointing fingers and politicizing while vulnerable ones starve and die.

Hoping and praying that many of us are moving away from systems of economics and ways of structuring society that are oriented around power and domination and towards reciprocity,

I don’t have answers or policies that are remedies for greed, violence and domination.

Here is my heart, prayers, and poetry and the willingness to confront the greed, violence and desire to dominate and rank identity in my own life.

The practice for me is to cultivate vulnerability and the resolve to not resist and defend my own discomfort.

This is the work of the Peaceful Warrior. It is hard and not meant to occur in a silo, but in supportive community with compassionate accountability for self and other Beings.

There is much beauty and so much expansion on the other side of aggression and defensiveness.

Can we meet each other here?




Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen, B.A. Political Science/Sociology, is a Certified Music Practitioner, Sound Healer, Reiki Master, and Registered Yoga Teacher with a trauma informed/social justice framework. She has 20 years experience of working with some of the most amazing people on the planet; hospice patients and their families, patients in a variety of health conditions, survivors of sexual abuse, adults with mental illness and most recently, incarcerated women. Rachel is also passionate about supporting and working with caregivers to reduce burnout and compassion fatigue. Locally, Rachel teaches Creative Movement at Saint Francis University in Loretto, PA. Regionally and nationally, she teaches and presents at conferences and retreats, weaving live music, yoga, and creative movement into themes of compassion, self acceptance, and transformation. Rachel is committed to engaging people from all walks of life in the healing arts to create healthy, diverse, and joyful communities.